An online self-service remittance app, developed by RongQiao Financial Group independently .

The first and only licensed Chinese-foreign exchange institution in Australia with both online and offline services

1 AUD = 4.6256 CNY Current Exchange Rate

  • You send(100~9888AUD)

  • Recipient gets

    Transfer Fee Original Price12.00Discounted Price8AUD

  • Support 500+ banks to receive money

  • Support Receiving Payments with Alipay


  • Support Receiving Payments with WeChat Pay



Our advantages


  • Low-Cost and convenient

    In promotion period, transfer fee is as low as $0. Come take advantage of the endless benefits.
  • With a few taps, fund can be received within minutes.

    Easy steps and lightning speed
  • Real-time tracking of remittance status, fully visible all the way through.

    Compliant and transparent. Real-time update can be viewed in the app.
  • We provide ultimate customer experience with professionalism and dedication, with 24 hours-online service.

    Even if you miss the 8am-7pm business hours of our offline service, we are always available 24/7 online to assist you.
  • Both online and offline operating ensure your remit security.

    The Australian licensed Money Service Operator, secure per your transaction.
    We are professionally staffed in physical stores across Australian major cities.
    Attentive services and after-sales support provide double protection for your peace of mind.


APP is not only visible online


Remit Now

Join EZREMIT and enjoy more benefits
You can simply download “RONG YI HUI” app from the Apple Store or the Android Store
You can also scan the QR code to download.

Reviews from our customers


  • Yifan Huang

    The platform is easy to operate and the transfer is efficient! The representative is also kind and patient. Totally recommend! Strongly recommended!


    I'm a loyal customer of Rongqiao. I have been a regular customer of EZREMIT App since it was launched. It is user-friendly and very fast as always.

  • Catherine Y

    Transfer was received within 2 minutes, which totally astonished me. Now there’s no Transfer Fee with alipay. I had a few problems when verifying identity, but the online representative was super helpful and efficient!

  • Jenny cui xin

    It is super easy to get the job done now without going out! EZREMIT is a legend!

  • Cindy Ni

    EZREMIT is the best transfer app by now. Easy to understand, friendly customer, good rates. Great value for money.

  • Vivian W

    Finally an app with physical stores. That gives me peace with money transfer when I have complaints. I used other app before, but basically there was no one to reach for help, especially when customer service didn’t really care. Having a staff I can talk with face to face is very important for me.

  • Mr. Li

    Fine app in a nutshell. There are many promotion benefits which always saves the Transfer Fee. I would tell my colleagues when there is good deal. They all give good reviews.

  • Jeff Li

    Very handy app. I send money to my parents with this app every festival. The money arrives very quickly, and my parents are always happy with more money in pocket. It's almost Chinese New Year, I prepare to transfer more to wechat account.

  • Ms. Chen

    Didn't know how to use the app at the beginning, and consulted customer service later. They were very patient with all my questions. Both online and offline staff are very professional.

  • Xiao Bai

    I have to transfer money to my suppliers every week. I had to go through all the trouble to banks. Transfer Fee is high and rates are bad in banks. But now it is much more efficient with this app. Suppliers say they receive money very quickly. So people with needs to transfer small amount can give it a try.

  • Bruce Ng

    Very helpful app! The staff can speak Chinese and English! Very excellent customer service.

  • Min*Wang

    I'm a housewife who barely know how to use apps. I opened an account in a physical store, and the nice staff helped me how to operate and transfer, and how to add recipients. I really appreciate the help.

  • Mang Qing

    I work full time, and can barely have the time to run to a bank or a physical store. So I prefer to send money with the app. Good thing about it is it operates 24/7, and pays to the recipient automatically when my Australian dollars are received, which can all be checked online. Very smart. And the efficiency of customer service is superb!

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